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Main Server Rules

Please read the server rules. This will prevent you from having any issues while playing.

Main Server Rules

Postby subieseba » Sat May 12, 2018 2:32 pm

1. You must have an in-game identity. This identity must be realistic. This is done at the job center.

2. You must change the default appearance. This is done at the barbershop.

3. You must have a microphone that works.

4. To drive a vehicle in Los Santos, you need to get a license. This is done at the DMV, which is next to the morgue.

5. You may not impersonate police or ems. This includes stealing AI/player cop cars.

6. You may not steal any military vehicles whatsoever.

7. If there are not at least 2 cops online, you may not commit PvP crimes. Cadets do not count towards this total. The exception to this is if both players give consent first. This includes robberies, hacking attempts, stealing players vehicles, etc. Players that act aggressively to you waive their consent right, and you are allowed to stand your ground and defend your life and property. (murica bitches)

8. You must observe fearRP. Example, someone points a shotgun at your face while you are standing at the ATM. You must play as though you have one life. Value it.

9. You may not bait the police. Example, you see a cop at a red light next to you and burnout and run the light to create a chase for no reason.

10. You may not combat store/delete items from your inventory to avoid criminal intent or seizure.(edited)
11. You may not combat log. Example, you are surrounded by the police and log out of the server to avoid capture.

12. You may not respawn during an RP situation without admin approval. Doing so will be considered combat logging.

13. If EMS are on duty and attempt to res you from a situation where you died in a way that you cannot be res'd, communicate with them using /me to let them know you are dead and killing off your character. If this is done, you must change identities upon respawning as your character is now permanently dead.

14. When you are revived by EMS, you must be medically cleared to continue playing. Do not just get up and run away.

15. You may not use the phone glitch to res yourself under any circumstances.

16. This city is based off laws in America. The police will act accordingly.

17. Fines and jail time will be assessed on an individual basis. Example, new players will receive smaller fines than players who have been on the server for a month.

18. The following areas are green zones, you may not PvP in these areas ever.

-Job Center
-Legion Garage Area

19. The following areas are no loitering zones, you may not be there without official business ever.

-Job Center
-Legion Square
-Mission Row PD

20. You may not drive unrealistically. Example, driving 140+mph through the city is failRP.
21. No racial slurs are permitted under any circumstances.

22. You may not metagame. Example, you see someones steam name above their head, and you call out to them using that name.

23. You may not RDM/VDM. That stands for "random deathmatch" or "vehicle deathmatch". To be considered to be a violation, it must be RANDOM. If you are in an RP situation that goes south and you get killed, that is not RDM/VDM. If you drive recklessly on a motorcycle and get killed, it is not VDM.

24. If you go down and get revived by EMS, you may continue the RP situation. If you die and respawn, you must act as if your character was dead there and you would have no recollection of the events that led you to be dead. Violationg this rule is metagaming and failRP.

25. Keep /ooc to a minimum unless you are being spoken to by an admin.

26. Bank robberies must be announced as hostile if you plan to be hostile. This prevents failRP situations by cops or criminals. You can announce the situation in chat after the robbery has started using /ooc.

27. Bank robberies can only be done if there is at least 2 police officers on duty. Pacific Standard you need to have 4. Cadets do not count towards that total.

28. Only 2 Fleeca Banks can be robbed at the same time.

29. If Pacific Standard is being robbed, all other banks are not allowed to be robbed until Pacific Standard is complete.

30. The following weapons are legal

-Golf Club
-Pistol (normal only)
-Pump Shotgun
-Flare Gun
31. You may not /DV your vehicle while involved in a police chase. You may not swap out your vehicle at a garage either.

32. You may not repair your car while driving.

33. The Mafia and Lost MC base of operations are private property, and those organizations have the right to make you leave those areas when asked, by force if necessary.

34. The speed limit in the city is 55 MPH. The speed limit on the highway is 80 MPH.

35. Police and EMS who are not currently on a code 3 emergency call, must observe all traffic laws in the city the same as everyone else.

36. Police and EMS are not allowed to use personal vehicles on duty.(edited)
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