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ADRP Rules

Please read the server rules. This will prevent you from having any issues while playing.

ADRP Rules

Postby Mrs. TroN » Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:43 pm

**Realistic Role Players Only**

1. You must have an in-game identity. This identity must be realistic. (ex. your name cannot be cemore butts) This is done with the t/spawn_screen function.

2. You must change from the default appearance. This is done at the barber shop and clothes stores found on your map. Ie you may not remain a default Danny.

3. You must have a microphone that works. Also no mic spamming.

4. To drive a vehicle in Los Santos, you need to get a license. This is done at the DMV, which is next to the morgue. Noncompliance with driving laws can result in your license being revoked.

5. You may not impersonate police or ems. This includes stealing AI/player cop cars.

6. DO NOT abuse/exploit cheats/bugs/glitches. You will be permanently banned
7. You may not RDM/VDM. That stands for "random death-match" or "vehicle death-match". To be considered to be a violation, it must be RANDOM. If you are in an RP situation that goes south and you get killed, that is not RDM/VDM. If you drive recklessly on a motorcycle and get killed, it is not VDM. If you would like to file a complaint you must post the full video (not screen shots or short clips) in the rdm_vdm_complaint and an admin will respond.

8. Do not spam the admins, they will respond as soon as they’re available.

9. You may not enter fort zankudo or steal any military vehicles whatsoever.

10. If there are not at least 2 cops online, you may not commit PvP crimes. Cadets do not count towards this total. The exception to this is, if both players give consent first. This includes, robberies, hacking attempts, stealing players’ vehicles, etc. Players that act aggressively to you waive their consent right, and you are allowed to stand your ground and defend your life and property.
11. You must observe fearRP. Play as though you have one life. Value it. Example, someone points a shotgun at your face while you are standing at the ATM and commands you put your hands up. You would most likely put your hands up.

12. You may not bait the police. Example, you see a cop at a red light next to you and burnout and run the light to create a chase for no reason. Create good RP situations, not just chases for the sake of having chases.

13. You may not combat log. Example, you are surrounded by the police and logout of the server to avoid capture. This activity is monitored by the admins through the console. For repeat offenders this will result in you being caught and jailed for 6 hours as a warning then banned if you continue to combat log.

14. You may not respawn or t/spawn_sceen to include /me no pulse etc. during an RP situation without admin/emergency personnel approval. When you are revived by EMS, you must be medically cleared to continue playing. Do not just get up and run away. i.e. Being instantly "ok" from a high speed accident. It is up to EMS to pronounce you dead or alive per your critical hits. Doing so will be considered combat logging and/or FailRP.
15. NLR you do not remember the last 15mins and cannot return to the scene for a minimum of 10 mins. i.e. You and 3 other guys are robbing the bank, you die during the rp and spawn back at JC. You may not return to the bank as you do not remember the last 15mins and may not return to the scene (this does not apply to admin/emergency personnel).

16. EMS are there to do a job do not interfere with their job.

17. This city is based off laws in America. The police will act accordingly. Fines and jail time will be assessed on an individual basis.

18. The following areas are green/safe zones, you will not be able to use weapons in these areas. You may not shoot into a safe zone.
-Job Center
-Legion Garage

19. The following areas are no loitering zones, you may not be there without official business ever. Players familiar with the server needing to change cars need to use the legion garage area. Refusal to leave these areas when commanded by police and/or admin will result in jail time or kicked from the server.
-Job Center
-Mission Row PD
-Legion Square
20. You may not run into a safe zone to avoid consequences during an RP situation.

21. You may not drive unrealistically. The speed limit in the city is 55 MPH. The speed limit on the highway is 80 MPH.

22. No racial slurs/no toxic behavior permitted in the city or in the discord under any circumstances. To include any discrimination of any kind. We’re here to have fun, if you have an issue with someone meet them in rp or pm them in discord. Harassment of any kind is not permitted in the ADRP community! (Admins will determine)

23. You may not meta-game. Example, you may not use /unblind or hearing their voice and calling them by their steam name and not their character name. If they are a new character, you have not met them yet.

24. Keep /OOC to a minimum unless you are speaking with an admin (do not over use). Players should be talking in game and in character whenever possible. Use /TWI to speak to the community, /TOR for all illegals (cannot be seen by cops/ems), /ME - To describe your actions ex: /me has a busted knee.

25. Bank robberies must be announced as hostile if you plan to be hostile. This prevents failRP situations by cops or criminals. You can announce the situation in chat after the robbery has started using /ooc.
26. Only 2 Fleeca Banks can be robbed at the same time. If Pacific Standard is being robbed, all other banks are not allowed to be robbed until Pacific Standard is complete.

27. The following weapons are legal. A firearms permit is needed to carry the pistol or shotgun, and can be obtained at ammunation.
-Flare -Flashlight
-Golf Club
–Semi automatic Pistol (Not AP)
-Pump Shotgun
-Flare Gun

28. The only time you should be using the t/dv function is when you are "parking" your vehicle at designated garages, or when no mechanics are online to assist with damaged/disabled vehicles. Violating this rule in an RP situation is a big no no.

29. You may not failRP to complete game functions that are allowed, but not realistic. Ex. DV-ing your car while running from police, and running to a garage to pull out another car, repairing your car while driving, shooting with your hands up, killing yourself in jail to remove your handcuffs, etc.

30. Factions such as The Mafia, MC, and Yakuza etc. bases of operations are private property, and those organizations have the right to make you leave (With the exception of Law enforcement and EMS) those areas when asked, by force if necessary.
31. Police and EMS who are not currently on a code 3 emergency call, must observe all traffic laws in the city the same as everyone else. This rule is flexible for times of shorthanded whitelist personnel, but protocol for running lights is still utilized.

32. Police and EMS are not allowed to use personal vehicles to take calls. You should only be acting in your official capacity if something happens in your vicinity. Ex. you are off duty and see a pedestrian struck so you render aid, that’s ok. Chasing a felon down the street in your Bugatti, not ok.

33. The police have no legal obligation to read you your Miranda rights unless you are being questioned AFTER being placed under arrest for a crime.

34. All Factions with private arsenals are NOT permitted to sell weapons or ammo etc. in any way to include through an outside source via gunsmith. Any user violating this will be removed from their position.

35. All groups have a 20 person cap. To include all families associated with the group. i.e. IF you have 4 families in your group you may only have 20 overall.

36. No more than 2 bodies allowed in the trunk at a time. If it does not have a trunk you may not use/be in its trunk or put anyone in that trunk.
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