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Basic Player Guide

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Basic Player Guide

Postby ChieF TroN » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:28 am

1: To open the menu press "K" on your keyboard, this will then show you all the available options to you!

2: Start out by Walking to the front door of the lobby and creating your characters name.

3: After that purchase a Drivers license to the left of the lobby door and go to the DMV (green brief case by the morgue to take your driving test)

4: Once you've done that, get yourself a job at the yellow circle.

5: There are other jobs around the city but you will need to go to those locations when you're unemployed and active it at the given locations on the map.

6: If you want to be Police or EMS you will need to apply for that position and it will have to be assigned to you by an Admin. (Apply on the forums)

In-game chat options

7: /ooc - For Out of Character chatting (do not over use)

8: /me - To describe your actions ex: /me has a busted knee and is bleeding out

9: /twi - To tweet to the server

10: /tor - Black Market chat (ignored by EMS/Police)

11: For certain jobs, the areas where you need to farm your items are a bit hard to locate. A good hint is to look around in the area where you start the Job, Ex: Cargo Pilots farm their cargo right outside the door where the cargo pallets are sitting.
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Re: Basic Player Guide

Postby Bunnie » Thu May 10, 2018 10:28 am

How do you do the drug dealing i am have been looking all night and all day and no one seams to know
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