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Support ADRP Community and get rewarded!

Support the ADRP Community

Support ADRP Community and get rewarded!

Postby ChieF TroN » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:20 am

Thank you for showing interest in donating towards the ADRP Community.

All donations go towards the server cost/maintenance/upgrades unless specified by the donor for other reasons.

There are some perks for certain levels of donations as well and they're as follows:

Money Booster Packs
1 mil - 5$
3 mil - 10$
10 mil - 25$
25 mil - 50$

Donations do stack, but in order to get VIP garage access when only donating for Money Booster Packs you have to have a total of 50$ (Doesn't have to be all at once, but in total over time).

Donator Level 1
This will get you bronze donor status on the forums and discord.

Donator Level 2
Gets you Donator level 1 perks, and access to the VIP garage in game.

Donator Level 3
Gets you Donator level 2 perks, and you get a custom license plate of your choice for your vehicle (pending no one else already has the plate you wish to have) The plate must be: 6 to 8 letters or numbers long with no special characters, spaces count to the total amount and all letters will end up cap on the plate so please no lower and caps mixed. If you already have access to the VIP garage you will also gain 3mil in game cash.

Donator Level 4 ( VIP Donator )
Gets you Donator level 3 perks, and you get to add a total of 3 cars (2 for VIP garage) and one personal vehicle only you have access to. Also, become one of the elite and showing off your fancy silver VIP tag on the forums and discord.

Donator Level 5 ( Lord and Savior Donator )
Gets you Donator level 4 perks, Total 10 cars for VIP garage, 5 personal vehicles, a house of your choosing (As long as the custom house loads in properly). 50mil in cash. Custom Job. Local Gang. Along with the Golden donor tag in discord.

Donations can be made at: for PayPal/credit card.
13LpN28A8XuqnG88EGbPpsJA1mNGHjQ5Gw for bitcoin.

** Please Note ** When making donations please state what they're for, who it is from (both discord and in-game name), your server id and contact Mrs. Tron on discord so they can be handled as soon as possible (Vehicles sometimes do not load so you may need a couple options.).

*** Final Note *** We also do all this work manually, do not expect any money boosters, cars or houses to be added instantly. Keep in mind as well that it can take up to 1 month to have something created. Normally this process takes about 1 week on average, but will vary depending on volume of requests. Money Booster requests typically take 1-2 days to be fulfilled. However, if you follow the process and messaging Mrs.Tron on discord this typically improves the process speed especially if you already know what you want. Finally, all donations are just that, donations, and are non-refundable.

For any other coin type donations, please contact me directly to discuss options.

Thank you all for your generosity and contributing to make this community a better place.
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